Wig Glossary

K&S Lingo- 



The base is the part of the hair system where the hair gets attached. The material for the base can differ with each material having its own benefits and disadvantages.


It is the method used to hide visible hair knots on your wig. Bleached knots make the hair appear as if it's growing from the scalp. The bleaching of knots involves a chemical processing that alters the hair. Keep in mind that altering the hair by lighting it does lower the integrity of the hair and shedding may occur quicker with fully bleached knots vs lightly or non bleached. 

Custom Hair Line

A hair line that is hand tied into a lace front to mimic the natural look of your own hair line. Widows peak, low or receding hair line, uneven hair lines etc

Custom hair system

A custom hair system is where customers can choose between more complex customization options including but not limited to colors, size, dimensions, hair length, hair quality, hair type and the base construction.


The amount of hair that is on the wig.


Fully Hand Tied Wig

Hand-tied wigs are the most labor-intensive wigs because each and every hair or fiber on this wig is individually hand-knotted into a cap. This makes hand-tied wigs look almost original because hair can be moved freely with multi-directional styling options.

Hand-tied Hairlines

Often referred to as hair ventilating is intricate hand-stitching of individual hairs at the front and side hairline that gives the look of a more natural appearance. 

Invisible Hairline

This refers to a process done by hand tying virgin hairs(ventilating) into the hair line, then toning the knots to blend with the skin tone. This is a process done by us and is a custom add on service.  

Lace Front

A natural growth, low-density hairline is achieved with this 1½” virtually sheer lace front. Style versatility allows for off-the-face parting at the hairline. Lace front can also be attached to a silk top and often times are listed as a lace front/silk top.

Return Hairs

Shorter hairs tied throughout a wig to represent the natural look of flyway's. Silk top wigs typically do not have return hairs. Silk top with a lace front will have return hairs only on the lace area.


This term describes the way human hair was collected for a wig. If a wig is labeled Remy, that means 100% of the human hair in the wig was collected in such a way that all the cuticles of the hair fiber are all facing the same direction. This may sound insignificant, but if the cuticles of the hair are not facing the same direction then tangling will occur.


Silk top wigs create a perfect illusion of your hair growing out of your scalp. These wigs are hand-tied and the hair is injected through the silk material to make knots look more like natural hair growth.


This is the process of attaching hair to a hair system. Often referred to as hand tied.

Virgin Human Hair

Virgin human hair is human hair that is 100% unprocessed and is free of dyes, perms, bleaches or harsh washes. Virgin human hair is always collected in ponytail by a single hair donor.

Widow's Peak

Widow’s peak is a hairline in both men and women which is considered as a genetic feature.  It is an M shaped hairline formed with strands of hair above the forehead that grow coming down to the center. 


A single curtain of hair that can be used to quickly construct a wig.