Frequently asked

What type of hair do you use?

Premium Brazilian is used unless other origins of hair are requested.

What type of cap are available ?

What is a Custom Order? 

A custom order is something we have not made before. Most women request a color that we have not created and as a professional wig colourist, we are always available for new color styles. Other types of changes to a wig are considered a custom order as well.

What is a Made To Order?


A made to order was once a custom order. They were handpicked by a previous client and once completed; they are now available as a made to order. Each made to order has several options to choose from, including length, cap size, cap type hair line & knot preferences.

What is the Time Frame for Ordering Custom & Made To Order? 

 Each order has a time frame that may vary. Unfortunately, all wigs are not made the same and as much as we would like to have same day delivery, it is simply not a possibility. Each order is 14-16 weeks unless otherwise discussed.

What Type of lace is used? 

We use swiss Transparent lace unless specifically requested. 

What is an Effortless Hairline?

Our signature hairline is hand tied/ ventilated by Kendra. We created this hairline to be easy to wear & includes optional baby hairs. 

In order to achieve the most natural look, smaller knots are created with Virgin hair at the hairline.


What is a Seamless Silk Liner?


Have you wanted to try a silk top but not sure if it's right for you? Love your lace tops. However, you want more scalp illusion without adding make up and scar tape? 

We solved that problem by adding a Seamless Silk Liner. This is hand stitched by Kendra and not like your standard silk liner. Please see the pictures below for a side-by-side comparison. 



How do we start a custom order? 

Click HERE to fill out a custom order request form. Please provide as much information as possible.