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How to Order Custom VS Made to Order

Welcome Beautiful,

Not sure what a custom order is? What a made to order is? What is a seamless silk liner? Do I need this? Do I require that? 

Having questions is very natural when shopping online for anything. It's no different shopping for hair. Below, you will find some of the most common topics I am asked, as well as visuals to further explain and show what we do. 

Custom orders require a consultation. This is for women who prefer something that we have not made before or want to change a made to order. Most piece that you see on our site were custom orders at one point. They are now available as a made to order. Once your custom order has been completed, it will then be accessible on our site for the next beautiful women to order. 

Time Frame-

Before we dig into all the details that go into an order, we first must talk about the time frame. Each order has a time frame that may vary. Unfortunately, not all wigs are made the same and as much as we would like to have same day delivery, it is simply not a possibility. Below is a flowchart that shows an approximate time frame of each type of order. Please look before moving on to the next step 

Cap Construction-

Below are the caps we offer. We can make some modifications to each cap. However, to make an adjustment to a cap, you will need to contact us first. Please do not order a cap and then make a note for an adjustment to be made, as adjustments are require to be confirmed prior to ordering. 

Cap Size-

Below is our sizing chart. A great rule of thumb when shopping for wigs online is to size up. Some measurements may not be an exact to your own measurements however, if your measurements are over 1/2" larger or smaller than one on our sizing chart, please contact us for help. 


Flowing Locks Of Love-

Whether you're a Banging Brunette, Bombshell Blonde, Ravishing Redhead or A Sassy Silver, sending visuals of the color style you prefer is always best. Keep it limited to pictures that accurately show the tones and placements you're looking for. Multiple with labels are fine, but only 4. 


How much is too much? 

For density, a few things need to be kept in mind:

  • Darker hair conceals wefts better than Blonde hair.
  • When choosing lighter hair, you need a root color or higher density. 
  • 130% isn't always universal. Send a picture of the “Natural Density" you're requesting. 
  • When in doubt, start with more. You can always have it thinned by a professional. 

Details Matter-

What do you prefer??

  • Visibility of Knots: Keeping in mind that when going for a darker style, the knots may be visible even with lighting the knots. Fully lighting knots will weaken the hair and may cause shedding. We take care not to harm the knots as much as possible during lighting, but with lighting and wear, the knots may weaken. 
  • Hairline: No two hair lines are the same naturally. Why should your wig hair line be? Do you Prefer it thick? Thin? Uneven? Do you have a widow's peak? Low temple hairs? Let us know. 
  • Parting: defined, messy, wide, thin.
  • When in doubt, send pictures & explain why you sent it and what you prefer and don't prefer. 


What you Don't want is just as important as what you DO want. Talk about previous issues you have had. No names are needed. 

Example: If you find that silicon doesn't work for you but you're wanting a medical cap, let us know. If you haven't been able to tuck your hair behind your ears, let us know!

As much as we women think we are mind readers, we aren't HAHA. Communication is KEY. 


Last but Never Least

First time buying? Bought before, but wasn't what you expected? Still do not know what you're doing, worried because it's an enormous investment? 

Contact me and let me know! I do my best to walk you through the process as much as possible and understand that this can be intimidating. I work with each client myself to help you feel great about your decision to press the "order now" button.


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