About Us

Hi!  My name is Kendra, and I am the creator/owner of K&S Custom Made Wigs. I would love to share a bit on my background and how my business began!
I am a single mom of 5, and previously worked for 14 years in a factory driving fork lift.
About 8 years ago I started getting thin hair, and despite trying to stay positive about it, my self confidence went down. I started looking at wearing wigs but was baffled at where to begin. Being a mother of four, I found it hard to justify spending much money on myself, let alone my hair! In my search for what would look good, yet was affordable, I found what looked to be the perfect wig! The photos looked promising and I was SOOO excited and made the plunge on purchasing my first wig. I anxiously awaited the arrival of my new hair, but was dismayed with what I received...it was horrible and made me feel like I would never be happy with my appearance...Strings hanging everywhere, some of the hair wasnt even attached to the cap itself, and the top would not lay flat to save my life. I assume that the person who made it just threw it together and didn't care about the person buying it. At the time, it was all I could afford really and I certainly couldn’t I couldn't afford to spend more money on a new piece, so I set out in learning to learn to fix the wig myself in order to make it work. For the next several months I studied all I could on how to make a wig, hours at a time, video after video. I was determined to get it done and done right ( my father's favorite moto). When I finally picked up my needle, It took me 17 hours to hand stitch this wig back together!
This opened my eyes to my calling: to hand craft wigs that are made with care and yet affordable. I left my factory job and never looked back! I put my whole self into studying the wig making business, hair coloring and cuts to create the amazing wigs I sell today. I still have that original wig as a constant reminder of how I made the decision to do something I am passionate about!
I started this because I want to be able to help women like me. I honestly believe that I can make a bigger impact if I am able to reach more women, and to do so I must stay affordable.
My chat is always open day or night, I leave it this way to have a personal experience with my customers. I'm more focused on the experience my customers have with me and my brand.
Thank you for visiting my shop, and please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or concerns. #staybeautiful 💋
Established 2020