Measuring your head for a wig: To measure your head circumference accurately, you'll need a flexible tape measurer. Start from the center of your hairline and wrap the tape measurer around to the nape of your head where your skull meets your neck. Then, bring it back around to the center of your hairline.

Determining the right length to order: Using a flexible tape measurer, begin from the top and center of your head and measure down to the ends of your hair. This will help you determine the appropriate length to order.

Choosing the right color: Please note that colors may appear different in photos and videos due to various factors such as lighting and device screens. It is impossible to capture the exact color of hair on camera. We strive to provide the most accurate color representations in our listings, but please be aware that there may still be some variation depending on your individual settings.

Is shedding normal? Yes, shedding is a natural occurrence with both natural hair and wigs. Over time, hair may shed due to wear, washing, styling, and day-to-day activities. Bleached knots can also contribute to shedding. Please note that we do not offer refunds specifically for shedding. Lace tops are particularly prone to shedding.

Business hours: We are open from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm EST. We aim to respond to inquiries within 24-48 hours during our regular business hours.

Can I change the color of a wig? While we do not recommend altering the color of our wigs, depositing color is generally acceptable. However, we advise having your stylist perform a test strand in an inconspicuous spot before applying color to the entire piece.

Customs fees: Please be aware that our prices do not include customs import duties/fees/taxes. As the customer, you are responsible for understanding and complying with your country's customs import allowances and restrictions.

Securing the wig: You should not need glue to secure your K&S wig. Our wigs are designed for a secure fit using the attached clips at your hairline or by using a wig grip.

Unique nature of made-to-order items: Each made-to-order item is personally hand-touched by our Owner/Founder Kendra, making them slightly unique by nature. While we strive to create pieces as close to the stock photographs as possible, there may be slight variations.

Lace cutting: You can request your lace to be precut. However, please note that precut lace is final sale. If you prefer to cut the lace yourself, there are numerous helpful videos on YouTube. Take your time, start with a conservative cut, and make adjustments if necessary.

Dealing with return hairs: When hair is sewn and knotted onto lace/hand-tied caps, there may be short ends that stick out through the top along with the longer hairs. This is normal. You can use a heated curling iron, hair spray, or pomade to tame these return hairs and keep them in place.

International orders: Yes, we ship internationally! However, please be aware that any customs fees associated with international orders are the customer's responsibility. The price of our products does not include custom fees, as they vary from country to country.

Shipping time: Ready to ship orders are dispatched the next business day via UPS. International orders are shipped using DHL Express and typically take up to 10 business days to arrive. Custom orders require 14-16 weeks for production and shipping.

Hair in exchange for exposure: We do not offer free or discounted hair in exchange for reviews or exposure. If we are interested in a collaboration, we will reach out to you directly.

Order cancellation: To cancel an order, please contact us via email as soon as possible. If the hair material has already been ordered( after 48 hours), canceling your order will not be approved. Once the material is ordered, the funds paid for your order are allocated, and refunding will require selling the piece. Therefore, it is crucial to notify us promptly regarding order cancellations

Lace Front vs Lace Top? Lace front has sheer lace at the front/edge of the cap, which lays over your forehead and makes it appear as though hair is growing from your scalp. Lace Front typically are paired with a silk top.

Can I put my wig in a ponytail? You can do low and mid ponies. High ponies will pull too much, and will prevent your wig from staying in place.