What is the difference between a Lace Front and a Lace Top?

Lace front has sheer lace at the front/edge of the cap, which lays over your forehead and makes it appear as though hair is growing from your scalp. Lace Front typically are paired with a silk top. 

Lace Tops are lace on the top part of the wig. 

How do I know what length to order?

Take a flexible tape measurer and start from the top and center of your head(crown), and measure down to the ends of your hair.
How do I know what color to order?
The colors look different in photos and videos. Unfortunately, I will never be able to capture a hair’s exact color on camera. There are so many variables: outdoor vs. indoor lighting. Direct sunlight vs. indirect. Computer screen versus phone screen. To ask which color is accurate would be impossible to answer, as it all depends on your setting. I always do my best to capture the most accurate color for listings, and list what colors I would describe them as but please be aware that it still may vary.
Do I need to use glue or tape?
Yes and no! All of my wigs are glue less. A wig grip should be more than enough to keep your wig in place, but depending on the individual’s head shape, sometimes glue or tape is necessary. Glue or tape may also be used for extra security, if preferred.
Do I need to wear a wig cap with a lace wig?
No, you do not need to wear a wig grip pr wig cap if you prefer not to. Take into consideration that if your wig is a tad to big that you may want to use a wig grip for a more secure wear. There are tricks to making your lace top wig look more natural, such as putting a strip of ScarAway Tape under the part line.

Do I need to cut my own lace?

No, You can request your lace to be precut. Precut lace is a final sale. If you prefer to cut your own lace there are tons of videos on youtube to help. Take it slow, always cut off less at first and then adjust if needed.

How long will my hair piece last?

The longevity depends on how it is treated. Sometimes they can last 1-2 years, or sometimes even longer. Proper care is important, such as deep conditioning treatments. I suggest buying a second piece if possible, since swapping between the two can help them last longer. Or you can simply use an older hair piece to the gym or beach!

Can I change the color of my hair piece?

Depends on which piece you have. You may darken any of my wigs (such as adding a root or lowlights) but I do not suggest lightening a piece without consulting with me first. Alternative hair is already very highly processed, and stripping it further can cause irreversible damage.

Can I change the part on my hair piece?

On a lace top wig, you can part the hair anywhere you’d like! 

Can I put my wig in a ponytail?

You can do low and mid ponies. High ponies will pull too much, and will prevent your wig from staying in place.

Can I pull my wig away from my face?

Yes you can!

Are the knots bleached on your lace wigs?

Yes they are! Knots can only be bleached so much before the integrity of the knots are compromised, so some pieces will still show darker knots than others, even after bleaching. This can easily be disguised and concealed with makeup concealer or a light highlighting or eye shadow powder!

Do I need to put makeup on a lace wig?

You don't have to, but many women prefer to! Your makeup matches your skin, so it helps to create a seamless transition from skin to lace!

What are return hairs?

When hair gets sewed and knotted to secure it onto lace/handtied caps, there are short ends that may stick out through the top of the cap along with the long hairs. This is normal, and you can tame these little hairs with a heated curling iron (by pressing the return hairs down against the cap). You can also use hair spray or pomade to keep them down.

How do I wash my hair piece?

Wash with sulfate free moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Be sure not to get conditioner on the lace as conditioner may loosen the knots. Towel dry by gently patting/squeezing excess water off of your hair. Never ring your hair out. Carefully brush your piece with a wet brush and allow hair to air dry on a wig stand. You can message me for a hair care sheet. ​

How often should I shampoo my hair piece?

Generally, you only need to shampoo once a month, but you can shampoo more often, if necessary. But washing it too much will dry out your wig faster.

What products should I use on my hair piece?

Use moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. I like Matrix Total Lengths for hair extensions shampoo and condition. You can purchase the shampoo HERE and conditioner HERE Don’t forget to put oil on your pieces, since they are not receiving oils from your scalp, but don’t over do it and do NOT put hair oils on the roots to lace. I Do recommend OLAPLEX Or BIOSILK

Can I use heat tools on my hair piece?

Yes, however, I recommend using a heat protectant spray, and I do not suggest going above 375degrees This is to not cause heat damage to the hair.

How should I store my hair when I’m not wearing it?

You can store it on a wig stand, mannequin head, or in a silk drawstring pouch (inside of a box). You can order silk wig pouches on Amazon.

Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely! But understand K&S is a cosmetology student and colors may vary slightly.

International Orders:

Yes We ship internationally! 
K&S is not responsible for any custom fees for international orders. The price does not include custom fees, as custom fees vary country to country and are out of my control.

How long will it take for my hair piece to arrive? 

Ready to ship orders are shipped next business day, via USPS Priority. International orders are shipped through DHL Express and can take up to 10 business days to receive, after the order is placed. Custom orders take 14-16 weeks to make and ship

Do you offer free or discounted hair in exchange for exposure?

No, I do not offer free hair in exchange for reviews or exposure. If I am interested in a collaboration, I will reach out to you.

How do I cancel an order?

Please email me ASAP to cancel an order. If the material(hair) had already been ordered, canceling your order may take longer then normal. Once your material is ordered the money paid for your order is now gone and must be made back( selling the piece) to then refund you your money. So it is VERY important that you contact me asap about canceling your order.