Natural Blend Pen
Natural Blend Pen
Natural Blend Pen
Natural Blend Pen
Natural Blend Pen
Natural Blend Pen

Natural Blend Pen

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Introducing the Natural Blend Pen, your solution for flawless, natural-looking wigs. Effortlessly conceal knots and achieve an undetectable parting space. Easy to use with all wig types. Get yours today and transform any wig into a stunning masterpiece.

Key Features:

Effortless Application- The innovative applicator allows precise targeting of specific areas. Apply the Natural Blend Pen to the knots of your wig and watch as it effortlessly camouflages them for a natural finish.

Natural Look and Feel-mimics real scalp, providing a natural and realistic result. Enjoy the confidence of a wig that looks and feels like your own. 

Versatile and Compatible- works with all wig materials, colors, and textures, ensuring a perfect match for your unique style. Achieve stunning results with ease, regardless of your wig type.

Long-lasting Performance- Our premium formula keeps your wig flawless all day, even with everyday wear.


Click HERE for how to apply to your wig. 


Size chart

Sizing may vary based upon one's head shape, how they prefer the wig to fit, wig grips, and how much hair they have to tuck into the cap. Due to the nature of being constructed by hand, these can also vary by as much as 1/4".  Please be sure to measure your head to avoid purchasing the incorrect size.



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